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by Bob Berry

由Bob Berry

如何在现实世界中与实际用户一起指导您的编码和编码生涯 (How to guide your coding and your coding career with real users, in the real world)

Experience drives everything. It’s the basis of our reality. It’s all we know. It’s at the center of every aspect of our conscious existence.

经验驱动一切。 这是我们现实的基础。 这就是我们所知道的。 它是我们有意识的生活的各个方面的中心。

Answer this: Have you ever observed closely the exact interactions of your users with the system you’re coding, as they are using it? Do you know how to systematically assess the success rates of real people with your code and systematically apply those insights to your craft?

回答这个问题:您是否曾经仔细观察过用户与您正在编码的系统在使用时的确切交互作用? 您是否知道如何用您的代码系统地评估真实人员的成功率,并将这些见解系统地应用于您的Craft.io?

If not, you are missing or avoiding the one phenomenon that defines your professional existence.


Expanding your understanding of the user’s experience makes all your coding efforts more effective, more relevant, and more caring.


If you’re considering becoming a coder, if you’ve started your coding education, if you’re already a beginning programmer, or if you’re a well-paid software developer — do you know whom you serve or will serve? It’s not your boss or your company, or even your client. Are you aware of who really pays your salary?

如果您正在考虑成为一名编码人员,如果您已经开始进行编码培训,如果您已经是初级程序员,或者您是高薪软件开发人员,那么您知道将服务于谁吗? 不是您的老板,您的公司,甚至不是您的客户。 您知道谁真正支付您的薪水吗?

I’m a principal user experience researcher with 25 years of user engagement experience across the planet. I currently conduct in-depth research initiatives for Apple, Google, Facebook, FedEx, Amazon, and Cisco. Over the last few decades, I’ve run thousands of user experience research sessions for those companies, as well as for HP, GE, eBay, PayPal, Citi, Microsoft, Canon, and Honeywell.

我是一位主要的用户体验研究员,在全球范围内拥有25年的用户参与经验。 我目前正在对Apple,Google,Facebook,FedEx,Amazon和Cisco进行深入的研究计划。 在过去的几十年中,我为这些公司以及HP,GE,eBay,PayPal,Citi,Microsoft,佳能和Honeywell举办了数千次用户体验研究会议。

I have a passion for the lives, jobs, challenges, and personal stories of the millions of real people in the real world using our digital creations real-time.


What’s your interest in those human elements? Do you understand the full picture of where your development efforts show up in the wide world?

您对这些人为元素有什么兴趣? 您了解您的开发工作在广阔的世界中展现出来的全貌吗?

All coding must serve real people and actual users. If you’re learning to code or have recently started a new coding gig, now is the time to learn where those real, breathing, clicking humans show up in your programming projects, jobs, and contracts. Whoever they are, wherever they are, figure out how to find them and listen to them, watch them, question them, appreciate them.

所有编码都必须服务于真实的人和真实的用户。 如果您正在学习编码或最近开始了新的编码工作,那么现在该是时候学习一下那些真正的,令人振奋的,可点击的人出现在您的编程项目,工作和合同中的位置了。 无论他们是谁,无论身在何处,都要弄清楚如何找到它们并聆听它们,看着它们,质疑它们,欣赏它们。

To succeed as a coder or programmer, and to win the paying work you seek in this profession, you must demonstrate not only an understanding of who you serve, but you must also show how’ll you connect with them to ensure you’re serving them well. If you’re coding on the back-end or developing APIs, though you’re removed from the more relevant human interactions, knowing your end-users is no less valuable.

为了成功成为一名编码员或程序员,并赢得您在该行业中寻求的有偿工作,您不仅必须表现出对服务对象的理解,而且还必须表明如何与他们联系以确保服务他们很好。 如果您是在后端进行编码或正在开发API,尽管您已从更相关的人机交互中脱颖而出,但了解最终用户同样有价值。

And if you’re on the front end, what you create will directly impact the experiences, jobs, and lives of real user-people. Learn how your coding creations will touch their lives, learn what they are trying to accomplish, and learn ways to assess the interactive experiences you’re putting out in the world.

而且,如果您位于前端,那么您创建的内容将直接影响真实用户的体验,工作和生活。 了解您的编码创作将如何影响他们的生活,了解他们试图实现的目标,并了解评估您在世界上投入的互动体验的方法。

了解您的用户以及如何与他们联系,您将改善编码生活的方方面面 (Know your users and how to connect with them, and you’ll enhance all aspects your coding life)

For the users you serve, you will accomplish the following things.


创造更好的现实 (Craft a better reality)

Experience is everything. Far beyond the user interface and how people use tech, all that happens in our reality moment to moment is experience.

经验就是一切。 除了用户界面和人们如何使用技术之外,我们现实中每时每刻都在发生着体验。

Various philosophies claim that there is in fact is nothing else we can know or claim about the minds and the lives we inhabit other than the continual unfolding of subjective experience. Nothing that exists, to our knowledge, can exist outside that.

各种哲学认为,除了主观经验的不断发展,我们对生活的思想和生活实际上无所不知。 据我们所知,除此之外没有任何东西可以存在。

Think about that for a moment in the context of the work you do. You can actually enhance the quality of someone’s reality. Or you can make it more frustrating and waste their time.

请在您所做的工作中考虑一下。 您实际上可以提高某人的现实素质。 或者,您可以使其更令人沮丧并浪费他们的时间。

What will you chose? How will you know what to choose if you don’t know who they are and the reality and experience they inhabit (and seek)?

您会选择什么? 如果您不知道他们是谁,以及他们居住(和寻求)的现实和经历,您将如何选择?

对现实世界更有用 (Be more useful to the real world)

Your reason for existing as a developer or programmer is to design, create, test, deploy, and maintain systems that perform useful functions.


When you learn and incorporate the ultimate purpose of those systems — which is almost always user-centric — you’ll produce a better result. And what better goal could you have?

当您学习并结合这些系统的最终目的(几乎始终以用户为中心)时,您将获得更好的结果。 还有什么更好的目标呢?

For your own personal benefit and satisfaction, you will:


Enjoy your work a lot more by knowing exactly how it helps others Everyone needs a sense of purpose. We don’t live and work in a vacuum.

确切地知道它如何帮助他人,使您更加享受工作的乐趣每个都需要有目标感。 我们不会在真空中生活和工作。

While your coding work may or may not represent a ‘higher calling’ for you, your life and your work will contain more joy and satisfaction if you know you’re doing something meaningful for real people, in the real world.


Get out of your coding bubble and poke your head up once in a while Programmers, developers, and coders choose their work based on their personal inclinations. They choose not to go into marketing and sales for a reason. They may be talented but introverted, thorough but shy, kind but often reserved.

走出您的编码泡泡,不时抬起头来。程序员,开发人员和编码人员根据个人喜好选择他们的工作。 他们选择出于某种原因不进行市场营销和销售。 他们可能很有才华,但性格内向,彻底但害羞,善良但又经常保留。

You probably exhibit some of those traits. It’s easy to settle in behind your computer screen or into your cubicle and get comfortable away from the noise and stress and social demands of the wider world.

您可能表现出其中一些特征。 您可以轻松地坐在计算机屏幕后面或小隔间中,并远离喧嚣,压力和更广阔世界的社会需求,这很容易。

I used to be that way.


I was as awkward and withdrawn as they come. But once I learned to interact with users, it not only changed my professional world, it transformed my life.

当他们来的时候,我是如此尴尬和退缩。 但是一旦我学会了与用户互动,它不仅改变了我的职业世界,而且改变了我的生活。

Why? How?

为什么? 怎么样?

Because I could go to those users with a specific set of questions, with a script and a clear agenda. I didn’t have to be spontaneous and chatty. I had a plan. I planned precisely the in-depth conversations I wanted to have with them. And quickly I got out of my shell, out from behind the virtual glass I was hiding behind, and learned how to be in the world.

因为我可以向那些有特定问题,脚本和清晰议程的用户咨询。 我不必自发和健谈。 我有个计划 我恰好计划了我想与他们进行的深入对话。 很快,我从隐藏在里面的虚拟玻璃后面脱出了外壳,学会了如何成为世界。

为了您的工作,进一步发展您的职业并为您的同事提供帮助 (For your job, further your career and help your colleagues)

促进职业发展,确保就业能力,保护收入 (Advance your career, ensure your employability, protect your income)

User experience has moved to the forefront for all companies, not just in high tech. Companies now provide interactive systems of all kinds: software, apps, websites, intranets, social media, e-commerce, and every other virtual interface under the sun.

用户体验已不仅在高科技领域,而且已在所有公司中占据领先地位。 公司现在提供各种交互式系统:软件,应用程序,网站,内部网,社交媒体,电子商务以及阳光下的所有其他虚拟接口。

All those systems touch or serve people in some way. By knowing who those people are, how they use your creations, and what impact those needs have on your job — and being able to reflect that in your work — you’ll enhance your hireability for new jobs and your credibility in any existing job.

所有这些系统都以某种方式接触或服务于人们。 通过了解这些人是谁,他们如何使用您的创作以及这些需求对您的工作有什么影响,并能够在工作中反映出来,您将提高新工作的可雇用性以及在任何现有工作中的信誉。

成为您之后的其他编码人员的领导者,导师,指南和榜样 (Become a leader, mentor, guide, and model for other coders that come after you)

New coders are entering the workforce by the thousands. You probably had teachers, mentors, bosses, colleagues, and associates that helped bring you along when you started — or who provide that for you now as you get up to speed.

新的编码员正在进入成千上万的劳动力队伍。 您可能有老师,导师,老板,同事和同事,这些可以帮助您在刚开始时就与您相处,或者他们可以在您快速掌握时为您提供帮助。

Modeling mastery of the user experience for your colleagues will help you ‘pay it forward’ and return the favor. All new programmers need to learn about the power and necessity of superb user interactions. As you become more seasoned, step forward and provide that.

为您的同事建模的用户体验建模将帮助您“向前支付”并获得回报。 所有新程序员都需要学习出色的用户交互的功能和必要性。 随着您变得更加经验丰富,请前进并提供它。

为您自己,使您的艺术和职业受益 (For yourself, benefit your art and your profession)

总是做得更好 (Always get better at what you do)

The tech industry moves fast. The roadside is littered with obsolete companies, technologies, devices, user interfaces, and all the people associated with them.

科技行业发展Swift。 路边到处都是过时的公司,技术,设备,用户界面以及与之相关的所有人员。

Consider what the iPhone did to the Blackberry, or what Facebook did to MySpace, or what the ATM did to bank tellers. That list of what better user experience ‘did to’ entire companies is endless and continues to grow.

考虑一下iPhone对Blackberry的处理方式,Facebook对MySpace的处理方式或ATM对银行出纳员的处理方式。 更好的用户体验“对整个公司有用”的清单无穷无尽,而且还在不断增长。

Don’t become the victim of a ‘did to’ — learn who is using your stuff, figure out how to listen to them, and get in front of the wave of change.


增强自己的信誉 (Enhance your own credibility)

If users and the user experience drive virtually all interactive systems and virtually any possible coding effort, your ability to understand user experience dynamics and design approaches is central to both your technical skill and professional credibility.


Appear clueless and you’ll pay the price.


Demonstrate authority and you’ll reap the rewards.


推动艺术发展,无论它是什么 (Advance the state of your art, whatever it is)

New interfaces emerge all the time, and key features of existing user models change constantly. Users and their demands for what’s easier, faster, more intuitive, and more engaging drive virtually all of those innovations.

新界面一直在出现,现有用户模型的关键功能也在不断变化。 用户及其对更轻松,更快,更直观和更具吸引力的需求的推动实际上推动了所有这些创新。

Do you want be out in front of that, or let it drag you along? You can contribute to the future by understanding how users interact with what you create. Or you can fall behind the rapid rate of change happening all around you.

您是否想在那之前,还是让它拖拉您? 您可以通过了解用户如何与您创建的内容进行交互来为未来做出贡献。 否则您可能会落后于周围发生的快速变化。

为了人类,您必须执行以下操作 (For humanity, you must do the following)

尽自己的一份力量使编程艺术人性化 (Do your part to humanize the art of programming)

The world of software and technology can be a cold, unfeeling place. AI may someday learn compassion and humor, but for now it’s soulless.

软件和技术世界可能是一个冷酷无情的地方。 人工智能有一天可能会学习同情心和幽默感,但目前还没有灵魂。

In your coding, you can contribute to that chill with the language you use, the way you design task flows, how you lay out interfaces, and the overall presentation of your systems. Or you can learn about humans and human factors and what it means to make an app or an interface inviting and useful.

在您的编码中,您可以使用所使用的语言,设计任务流程的方式,界面的布局方式以及系统的整体外观来为这种冷静做出贡献。 或者,您可以了解人为因素和人为因素,以及使应用程序或界面具有吸引力和实用性意味着什么。

We’re all human here. Let’s not let the tech run the show.

我们都是人类。 让我们不要让技术来主持这场秀。

You not only create user experiences, you constantly use them yourself in your personal and professional endeavors. You’re a user too. You know what a good interface looks and feels like, you use them all the time. You know what a bad user experience feels like, you struggle with them all the time.

您不仅可以创建用户体验,还可以在个人和专业工作中不断使用它们。 您也是用户。 您一直在使用它们,因此您知道良好的界面外观和感觉。 您知道糟糕的用户体验是什么样的,您一直都在与他们斗争。

Make a choice for your own integrity and authority, and make a choice for the delight and satisfaction of the end users you serve.


To learn more about how to find your users and connect with them, get my free 57 Ways to Master Your Target Audience ebook and get in touch with the real world.


For all the reasons above — and for your own professional satisfaction — your programming and coding perspectives will expand to fill the promise of the career you’ve chosen.


掌握用户的其他途径: (Additional paths to user mastery:)

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